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Thursday, October 8, 2009


I found this wonderful graphic at The Graphics Fairy.  If you have never visited Karen's site you are in for a treat!  here is the link: 

HAPPY THURSDAY!     Above is one of my sketches I did awhile back from a photo in a magazine.  The likeness to my oldest grandchild was so startling when I saw it that I had to make the sketch!  It was in an advertisement for something I have forgotten.  My granddaughter is in her 2nd year of college now but at that younger age, she resembled this sketch very much.
    Today we had My hubby Bill's check up at the cancer center.  The update is on http://caringbridge.org/visit/billmarquart  We have had this site for the whole time Bill has had cancer.  It is a free site offered to help keep your loved ones and friends informed of an ongoing serious illness or temporary serious condition such as surgery. They provide this wonderful site free of charge so please support them if you are able. Anyhow, he starts the Velcade chemotherapy again in November.  Multiple Myeloma is a cancer that they give the patient breaks from therapy to boost their spirits and resume treatment when the laboratory numbers change.  Bill is doing very, very well because of his wonderful attitude despite a terminal and debilitating disease.  We counseled another couple today and it was so very rewarding. Bill had them laughing, so like him!
   Praying for Amy, Sherry's neice who is so ill.  Please visit her cousin's site, Heidi @ http://myarizonaangels.blogspot.com/ FAIRY FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND  God Bless you all and thanks for visiting!

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Vintage To Chic said...

Hello dear lady, your work is awesome and a prayer lifted for your hubby, my friend who is going through breast cancer has a blog on carringbridge.
Hugs and prayers,