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Sunday, October 4, 2009


SUNDAY, SUNDAY, full of peace!  Yesterday was very busy!  We retrieved two beds from my younger daughter's storage for my hubby.  One was a single bed that we put in the den and decorated like a daybed.  When my hubby is not feeling well, he likes to be near and not at the other end of the house in the bedroom alone.  So now he can nap or just rest his back any time during the day.  My computer is in this room and I am either crafting, blogging or ironing out here - ha!  The other bed is an antique four poster bed that was originally my Aunt Anne's.  It was handed down through my sister to my granddaughter who was a child at the time and now is in twelveth grade.  She does not need the bed and so my daughter put it in storage.  Our mattress was not helping Bill's back at all.  So we got the four poster bed back yesterday with the new boxsprings and mattress that we previously bought for it.  We both slept all through the night and no back pains this morning!!  So we are thankful!  The pictures are of my Aunt Anne, the original owner, when she was a WAC and of the four poster bed in our bedroom today.  I love antiques and it matters not the least that it does not match the other items in the room!


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Your bedroom is beautiful Kerrie. And so is your Aunt Ann. Saying a prayer for you and your hubby tonight.

Patricia said...

The room looks just beautiful and I have always loved that photo.

D said...

Hi, Kerrie,
Thanks for your kind comments about my quilt and pics. I just love your bedroom. It's so soothing and pretty. I'm glad the mattress works for both of you.