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Friday, October 2, 2009


WHAT A BUSY WEEK!!  The little squirrel orphan is still hanging in there and eating every 3-4 hrs.  He made his first little noises today.  I have gotten many more crafts finished for the show and I love looking at them!  I heard from Debbie at There's an Angel on My Front Porch.  She is so busy with Amy and many, many e-mails to go through! As of this writing, nothing has changed.  Found a new friend on Shelfari Book Shelf that is from my home state of NY.  I worked on my autobiography a bit, too.  I am up to 83 pages and going back to re-write as I remember more.  Posting some pictures of the crafts but visit my Kerrie's Korner site as I am posting pictures of a beautiful Common Yellow Throat that bounced off of my window Wednesday!  It took him a full hour to get his senses back and of course in the meantime, I babied him.  My hubby said the word is out that at my house, you will get care - ha!  Wishing you all a very nice weekend.  We are having company from back home and know we will enjoy that!

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Debra @ Common Ground said...

Hi Kerrie, I'm so glad you came by and joined in for the give-away. The baby squirrel is just the tiniest, cutest little thing. I'm like you, I have a real softspot for little critters. Your new (old) bed is beautiful and I think fits right in!
I'll be praying for your husband and yourself, take care, and blessings to you,