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Thursday, October 15, 2009


Friday's food thoughts:
How could I be so remiss as to not tell you that my hubby is also a wonderful baker!!  He made this apple pie this morning (Thursday) with the apples my cousin brought back from our hometown of Auburn, New York.  It is as they say here in the South, "to die for!"  And then because I had overripe bananas, he baked this wonderful banana bread!  And he has not felt well for two days!  I shutter to think of all his accomplishments in one day when he does feel well!  Tonight is the first day of the craft show and he was varnishing placques in between baking this morning.  He is such an amazing man.  As you can tell, I love him with all my heart and like every family who has a loved one suffering with cancer, We pray for a miracle.  God is so good!

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Karine said...

You have a great hubby! :) And he seems pretty good at baking too