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Saturday, September 12, 2009


IT'S SUNNY SATURDAY here in Garden City, SC!  It is 12:20 p.m. and it is 88 degrees.  That is your weather report - ha!  Yesterday, I introduced my cartoon, "Pooky's Grandma."  In the 1970's, I created Grandma when I worked as a sketch and layout artist in the Display department for our local newspaper in Auburn, NY.  Every week, they would have me draw three cartoons for the Erma Bombeck column and they would pick the one they liked the best and publish it along with her column.  My brother, Joseph, was a very good cartoonist and I remember asking him at the time to help me out with ideas for easy sketches of people in action.  He made drawing their limbs, their bodies and their expressions look so easy!  So I practiced a lot and came up with some pretty good little figures for the column and it was a success. 
           While doodling at my desk, I created "Pooky's Grandma".  I fashioned her after my own Mom with her little purse always in her hand, not unlike Estelle Getty in the Golden Girls.  Mama loved hats and always wore a dress or skirt and blouse with a little strand of pearls at her neck.  Her figure rounded out in her late 50's and 60's and she was a huggable 4'11".  Everyone loved her and in my mind's eye, I created Pooky's Grandma in her loving likeness.  She was really loved by everyone and she was always smiling.  She was not afraid to express her views and I find as I am aging, I grow more bold, too-ha!  So I am dusting off Grandma in her cartoon form and bringing her back to life on my blogs.  I hope you will enjoy her.  She is in development so be patient with me.
            I have a niece, Melanie, who just graduated high school and is going on to college.  She is perhaps the most talented young person I have seen who can draw.  Her perception of light, depth and attention to detail is unsurpassed.  I encourage her all that I can and wish her a successful career in her art endeavor.  Way to go Mel!
                               Be looking out for new adventures with Pooky's Grandma!

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