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Saturday, September 12, 2009


I bought a ruled notebook for 99Cents in the Drug Store before the start of school.  Actually, I bought two-ha!  I covered the front with a piece of scrapbook paper and ran a ribbon from the first to the last hole and glued the ends down on the back side of the cover.  I covered the holes with buttons.  I then added a snowflake of white tatting that I made (you can use a doily of any size) and embellished on top of it with buttons and  fabric flower meant for a baby clothes decoration. The little pencil is also a button.  I then printed the words, "In my own words" underneath my design.  On the inside of the cover, I put a sheet of craft paper and added 2 more pieces of paper glueing 3 sides to make a pocket.  If you are using this for a gift, add a fancy book mark in the pocket or a photograph.  I added a little floral tag that says, Happy Birthday,  for demonstration.  Use whatever you have around the house, no matter what you use, you can't go wrong and you will make someone very happy with such a personalized gift. And it only cost you pennies!  For more personalization, put the persons name on the front cover.  Add a pen on a ribbon by tying through the punched hole at the top instead of a button.  Send me pictures of your creations!! 

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