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Friday, September 11, 2009

My Sister Mary...

Please visit my sister blog http://kerrieskorner.blogspot.com/ To see this picture with a poem written to my sister. I have been gathering photos for my Autobiography and my brother-in-law, Mary's husband, has provided me with a wealth of photos including this one. I am delighted.  I had never seen this particular picture before.
I have many photos in baggies when they should be in albums!  So I am trying to organize them better in shoeboxes by date and separated by index cards.  At least they will be easier to work with once I am ready to put them into albums or scrapbooks.  I also keep shorthand books as journals or diaries as they are easy to handle and I can even write on them while sitting in bed.  I record poems, the days happenings and my little sketches to be enjoyed by my children and grandchildren some day.  A shorthand book will hold a year or more of memories. 
   If you have photos that are laying around, at least take your favorites and put them in scrapbook if nothing else so that they are protected and preserved for future generations.  We nostalgia lovers buy post cards and photos of strangers, how much more precious when we know the people in them!

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