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Monday, August 3, 2009


GOOD MONDAY MORNING! The sun is shining in SC and from my window I can see Blue Birds, Cardinals, Chickadees and a host of other birds in my backyard. The little waterway is alive with life. Earlier I saw a Green Heron. They are so stealthy and quick, I missed a picture just by turning on the camera and he was gone!
Please pray for Amy, the niece of Sherry @ (http://countrywingsinphoenix.com This beautiful young girl is dying from cancer as I write. If we are too late in our efforts, pray for the family to have closure and for God to give them comfort in their hour of need. Blogging has brought me many friends and acquaintances. With their friendship also comes their joys, their hurts, and their hearts. Some of it is painful but the joy of their sites with brilliant colors, pictures and writings outweighs the sadness. Please read my complete profile to check out the wonderful sites I have added to my favorites. You will not be disappointed with any of them if you visit.
Let's see, MONDAY is for MORE...joy, beauty, good friends, loving family, laughter, sharing, etc. etc. Tell someone you care today.

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