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Monday, August 3, 2009

Bunny at the Feeder

This little bunny was under the bird feeder near our den window just now. He was eating the seeds that fall to the walk and very unconcerned with our observing him. We slid open the window and he never stopped munching while my hubby took his picture! He was about 8" long in this position, so tiny and cute. No doubt he is related to the one that ate my flowers in the front yard - ha! But who can resist a baby. We found an empty nest at the base of wild ferns that grow in the corner of my flower garden. It was large and totally lined with soft bunny fur. I would love to have discovered it while the babies were still there, maybe next spring. Comment with your own experience with God's creatures!


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh I love this photo. How sweet is this? The little bunny didn't have a care in the world. He was so busy eating. How wonderful to have nature that close to you. The closest I have is my Boston Terrier, Bruiser alias "Handsome". I don't get any wilder than that. Thank you for your prayers. Stop by soon and say hi. Country Hugs, Sherry

Patricia said...

Dear Aunt Kerrie,
I love the card you sent to me and thank you, again. Your bunny is beautiful - when I lived in the south the bunnies were very large, a hare or jack rabbit they were called. I have an old typewriter I found in an old army desk someone set on the road. It doesn't work as I would use it if it did. I was thinking about our blogs and how wonderful this is that we get to visit and share so much - I feel blessed. Give Uncle Bill my love.
Lots Of Love,

Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage said...

Hi Kerrie,
What a sweet little bunny. I love bunnies....we don't have any in our yard, probably because of Otis and Riley. Thank you for visiting my blog. Nice to meet you. I'll be stopping by again....you have a very nice blog. Enjoy your day!