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Monday, August 10, 2009

Mourning Doves

Good Monday Morning to you all! We have always loved Mourning Doves and are blessed that we are able to see them up close and personal where they nest every year in the palm tree. They do not even mind when my husband climbs the ladder to get a face to face shot! Their nature is so calm and they seem so at peace with themselves and the world. I can understand why Noah would send the dove to seek land in the hope that the flood waters had receded in Genesis: 8.10 .

Do visit Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage site. http://donnas-art.blogspot.com . Donna's site is filled with color from her magical garden and her dachshunds, Otis and Riley seem to fit right in. You will have to smile! That is what I love about Blogging. Each friend brings you to another and we all have something in common, love of nature and expression of that place inside us that urges us to create.
Mourning Dove, Mourning Dove
You greet us each morning with your cooing love
Gentle soul upon the branch of tree
Thank you for bringing joy to me!
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Barbara said...

I can't believe the doves let you come right up to them. Really neat. All of your pictures are great. I love the bunny picture.

Barbara said...

Love all the new pictures!!