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Sunday, August 30, 2009


I have been working on my autobiography and looking through my photos to add to the book. I have no baby pictures at all. But this picture was my second birthday taken in the yard at the time. From left, my Mom holding the cake, myself, Daddy sitting and my brother Joe standing. Back row shows my sister, Teresa, my beautiful Aunt Anne, and my sister, Mary who is unfortunately blocked by my hand! My Aunt Catherine, known to us by the nick name of "Babe" is taking the picture.
I love old photographs, I wish I had more of our family. My brother in the picture is the History keeper in our family and also publishes "O'Hearn's Histories", a paper with pictures and articles on our home town in Auburn, NY and Cayuga County. He and his wife work hard to prepare the monthly issue and it has been a successful publication for many years now. Do visit his site at www.ohhistories@verizon.net. Joe has given me many pictures that I treasure from the past.
If you have old photographs in boxes somewhere, do put them into scrapbooks! Don't leave your heirs to wonder, "who are these people?" I surely wish I had asked more questions about photos and history of my family and my husbands family. Now there is no one to ask on his side of the family. My daughter Christine captured some of my Mom's memories by "interviewing" her on video more than 12 years ago. I am thankful for that. Okay, Photographers, Happy Snapping!!
Also note that my niece at http://coquettishfleur.blogspot.com/ is presently posting vintage photos that are a joy to view. Visit this site for beautiful pictures, hand made creations and links to other wonderful sites.

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