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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Visit your Dentist....

Hi! It's a beautiful day here today but still a little too hot! Hubby is out there pruning all of the branches of the Bradford Pear tree that has been ailing. He never stops! You have heard the saying "I'd rather have a root canal" than to do a certain thing? Well hubby had a root canal yesterday, had a nap and was up and at 'em again - ha! He is so amazing despite the cancer in his spine. (Multiple Myeloma) Do you know that a root canal does not hurt while being done? This is the truth. I also had to have a root canal last year and all the terrible tales I had heard frightened me out of my tree! But except for the pinch of numbing up the gums, it was painless. Hubby only has a sore jaw today because of holding his mouth open for the hour that his root canal took. This procedure was necessary to continue his chemotherapy. One of the side effects of Zometa, a bone strengthener and builder, is jaw bone deterioration. It is strange that this medication can help his back but destroy another area. When he was on this chemo treatment, in addition to the regular Velcade treatments, he developed necrosis in the bone and had to have some surgery to correct. The bone died in the molar area and the gum shrunk from it. He had an open sore and eventually to everyone's surprise, the dead part of the bone came out and the gum has now healed over it. Our cancer doc said this happens if the patient has a cavity. So we went to have hubby's teeth cleaned and X-rayed as his front bottom teeth are capped and not visible to the eye to check for caries or infection. Sure enough, the one tooth had absessed badly and thus the need for the root canal.
The point is, TAKE CARE OF YOUR TEETH. Visit your dentist regularly and have any work that is needed. Dental procedures in this day and age need NOT cause pain! Be informed, live as healthy a lifestyle as you can and Pray for a cancer cure! I would rather have a root canal - ha!

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