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Friday, July 3, 2009


TEA POTS, A FEW OF MY COLLECTION. I love tea pots as did my mother before me. I have only a few left from a large collection that I let go through the years. My husband always bought tea pots for me to add to my collection. Among these are the pictured favorites. The small brown pot is one that was made in Occupied Japan. It is old! It also has a glazed kind of finish different than the other brown tea pot that is taller. The white with red and green is the last one I added and has Christmas design on it. The fishing creel look alike is also one of my favorites. The spout is a fish and the lid is the creel cover. My father-in-law was an avid fisherman and it reminds me of him.... My mother had a collection of whimsical and delicate pots. One was the head of a blue cat and it had a sugar and creamer that matched. I found a sugar bowl that matched last year but the cover was gone. We both collected miniature tea sets and I always tried to find a different one when I gave her gifts. They bring much happiness in looking at them. Do you have tea pot collections?? I would love to see them if you share in pictures.

Oh, well I better go, it's almost "tea time!"

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