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Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Joy of family and life

My hubby let this wild rabbit eat my flowers so he could get a good photo!

Good Sunday Morning to you! I added a new blog that I am following "Little Buttercup's Studio". It is a delightful site to be enjoyed by young families and an inspiration of what one can develop on a blog site! The author is a dedicated mother and wife who delights your eyes and emotions by her very well organized writings and pictures. Visit soon and you will see why I am excited to add this one! go to http://littlebuttercups.blogspot.com/

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1 comment:

Little Buttercups said...

Thank you Aunt Kerri for the loving comment on my blog and for the first most wonderful review on my blog. Brought in the girls to feed your fishies today, they love that gadet!
xoxoxoxoxo, Monica