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Sunday, July 19, 2009


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The Blue Birds in our back yard have been simply amazing this summer! It all started when I took a decorative non-functional birdhouse from inside and hung it outside on a tree in our yard. The squirrels thought it was quite nice and tried to get inside by enlarging the hole. They chewed a lop-sided hole big enough to get inside but then declined to live there finding the inside too small. Of course we thought no one would be looking to settle there since the hole was much too large to attract little song birds, let alone the Blue Birds, who have been long touted as persnickety about their digs. To our amazement, a couple checked it out for several days and after the male's persistant encouragement, the female accepted the unsightly home. The nesting was successful and 4 little ones grew and flew from the nest. As soon as this was done, my husband quickly created a replacement with the "correct size hole" according to print.
Again, after much coaxing by the male, the female accepted the new apartment and they busily set about gathering decor of leaves, lint, pine needles and their own feathers to swaddle the eggs she was to lay. However, the first babies decided not to leave all at once and came back frequently to get fed by Mom and Dad. Dad was always the one to give in and feed the teenagers. One is pictured at the right sharing the birdbath with a Cardinal. He still has his little camouflage feathers on his shoulders and head with the wonderful blue already established in his wings and tail.

(Picture above left is of the teens roosting on top of the house waiting for a handout) DBL Click for enlargements.

We went camping for 10 days and when we arrived home, the new fledgelings were poking their little heads out of the door with wide open mouths. Blue Bird fathers are the most wonderful fathers, feeding them constantly. My hubby is like a kid in a candy shop and has taken a large number of pictures in the last 2 days of the beloved family. I shall have to continue in a new post when I download the great pictures he took today.
This picture is of Mama and Papa leaving to find food.
I have added Feed the fish-click on the picture to feed them - fun!

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