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Friday, July 24, 2009


Butterflies and Barns was the title of an article that was featured in my hometown newspaper many years ago. I had my oil paintings on display on the newspaper's walls for a month. It was great fun! I still love butterflies and barns and as you can see in this picture above, my camera likes them, too! On our recent trip back to NYS and our hometown, we passed beautiful countrysides with barns, cattle, planted fields in Virginia, Pennsylvania and NYS. The grass is so green there with the cooler temperatures. Everywhere you look is a delight to the eyes! I love living near the ocean but there is something in every one's roots that makes their heart pound seeing the sights and sounds of their youth and home.
The oil painting is one I did in the 1960's and was what I saw from my dining room window while living on a farm. It was the first scene I ever painted and I called it "First Snow". It was quite primitive in comparison to my later work but I always loved it.
My Dad used to sit under that tree on the ground and rest his head against it in summer. The painting lived at my brother's house for many years and recently was returned to me. What a blessing! Thanks for stopping by, come again soon.

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