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Saturday, July 25, 2009


TODAY'S PROJECT is making bookmarks from scraps of material you already have. First make a fold in a 5 or 6" X 4" piece of printed fabric. Sew around 3 edges leaving the top edge open for turning. Once piece is turned to right side out, close the tip of your bookmark. Next use any decorative stitch you like on your sewing machine and stitch around the book mark. Choose a different stitch and add another row of stitching inside the first one. To finish, sew a colorful ribbin down the center of the bookmark. I made these 2 for my granddaughter and grandson who are going camping with us soon. They always bring books to read and I will surprise them with these bright bookmarks.
Options: Use a decorative button at the top of the mark or add beads to the ribbon that hangs below the book page. Use permanent marker to personalize with names. This is a great beginner project for any age. Enjoy. Send pictures to me of your creations!

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