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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Thanks to my fellow blogger, Katney, I am working on the downsizing of my photo's. If you read her comment, you will see what she said. Do follow her site at Katney's Kaboodle. There are some awesome photo's there! I will be posting a new subject very soon. Have a wonderful day!
Nothing can happen today that God and you can't handle........

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Katney said...

Kerrie, stop by and visit my other blog
http://365nothemesnomemes.blogspot.com ,too. It's a photo a day in larger format with no bounds on what I post. It's in a time warp right now as I've posted and published ahead--I decided not to take my laptop camping so I could sneak out to McDonald's and use the wireless. I know the withdrawal symptoms will be terrible. But, one daughter will have hers along in case I get tremors.

Shoot! I tried to post that as a link but my HTML cannot be accepted. I don't know a broken tag from a price tag, so I will leave you to copy and paste the URL or click to it from my sidebar.