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Monday, June 29, 2009


Well, I am in a pickle! My husband got a new camera for Father's Day. It came with its own program on CD to work with the pictures. Here is the dilemma! His program has apparently taken over and changed all of my photos to HUGE ones! I cannot find anywhere on the computer to change the size of these large pictures! HELP! Maybe Katney at Katney's Kaboodle can help as she is a magnificent photographer! So now I am stuck and cannot put any pictures on my blog site until this is remedied.

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Katney said...

Thanks for the compliment. I have really got into taking pictures since I started blogging and doing some of the photo memes. I also have a new camera, and the owner's manual is so long that I am incredibly glad it has such a well functioning automatic setting.

Please tell me the name of the program that you were using and the name of the one that has taken over. I will try to figure it out. But you might not get an answer back right away as we will be gone camping for the rest of the week with ten grandchildren.

In the meantime, try opening the photo file in MS Paint (I am assuming you are on a PC--if you are on a Mac I don't know what to tell you.) It will look enormous in Paint. Click Image and then Stretch/Skew. Set both height and width to about 20%. You may have to play with the percentages till you get what is best to go with this camera. You can check the attributes in the image menu--the width of a large upload on Blogger is 400 pixels, the width of the screen is about 800. If it is somewhere down to that neighborhood, do a save as--either put it in a different file or save it with a different name. That should do the trick and is what I have been using on my laptop which doesn't have the same software I have on my desktop.