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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Town of St. Mary's, GA

We went camping for 3 days at the KOA near 95 at the Florida/Georgia border. While visiting the little town of St. Mary's, we took in the oldest church in Georgia. There is a lovely cafe on the St. Mary's riverfront and some shops. We had a great time and were looking over several campgrounds in Florida to see if we liked one to stay in maybe for the month of Feb. It would make the winter not seem so long and be just a bit warmer than here in February. We liked one near the huge fleamarket near Jacksonville Florida. I could get in a lot of trouble there - ha!

My childhood friend has a daughter graduating from Nursing School and she has asked me to dress a doll for a gift for her. I will show on this site as soon as it is finished. I have no pattern but will improvise on a Barbie doll. Please visit often and check out my older posts. Comments are soooooo welcome!!
The knobby tree was in front of the church.

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Beverly said...

Kerrie, I love that area of the country.

I read the CB page about Bill's bad attack. I am so sorry. I know this is so hard for both of you. You both remain in my prayers.

The camping seems like such a wonderful thing for the two of you to share.