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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Well the Nursing doll is finished! I am pleased with the result as I had no pattern for a nurses outfit. I put a scroll in her hand with a rose. I wrote the intended graduate's name on the scroll and Nursing Graduate. In the pictures you can see I drew around the doll form to make a top and bottom, very crudely. I had no trouble sewing these together on the sewing machine. However, the hems on sleeves and pant I did by hand as they were too tiny to fit under the foot of the machine. I made a pen for her pocket with a tooth pick colored with marker. I had a terrible struggle with the hat as I cut off the long hair on the doll but it still left a thick bump of short hair under the hat. After 3 tries, I felt it would have to do. I tried making clogs for the doll with paper but that did not work so I took adhesive tape and formed pieces to the feet to look like white shoes of a sort. I know my friend will be pleased with the result. Materials: I had in my stash,a paper and rose, also from my stash of craft items, a Barbie Doll that I stripped of her clothing and cut the hair to hide under the hat and adhesive tape. This was a fun project. I hope you will put your imagination to work and make your own for the graduation coming up soon for students. Good Luck and Good sewing!! Kerrie

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