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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Just a word of warning when purchasing a used camper of ANY KIND. Truth in Lending assures the buyer that all the information given for the purchase of your camper is true when and if you take out a loan. Some dealers will show you one total loan amount and then send a larger loan amount to the lender. In that information, they state any updates that have been applied to the camper if any, justifying the amount. Then when you go to seal the deal at the lender, they have tacked on e.g. Updated cabinets, Microwave added, etc. In truth, the update to the cabinets was never done and there was no microwave when you purchased the used camper!! MAKE SURE YOU INSIST TO SEE THAT PRICE JUSTIFICATION IS SHOWN TO YOU AT THE POINT OF SALE!! And if you give a down payment, make sure that they do not just add the cost to your loan. This happens more than you think and it can really put a frown on your happy camping experience. It is best to ask other owners of RV's and campers who they trust and have purchased from. Check with the Better Business Bureau to see if there are complaints filed against the dealer. The elderly and very young couples are preyed upon more often as not. God Bless and please send this post to someone who is thinking of purchasing a camper! or send the link to my blog.

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