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Monday, May 4, 2009

Blue Bird Boxes

Hello!! My subject today is Blue Bird Houses! Appropriate for Blue Mondays - ha! We have always wanted Blue Bird houses in the back yard but my hubby couldn't find his wood book with the correct pattern and correct size of the entry hole required. We have always heard that it must be so many feet from the ground and a precise measurement for everything! Well, we have an old, weathered Windmill bird house in the backyard about 10 foot up a tree. The squirrels chewed the opening last year big enough for them to squeeze themselves in there. They did not take up residence however. So as we watched a few weeks ago, the male Blue Bird coaxed the female to look the place over. At first she was hesitant but he kept bringing her back. She accepted the home he wanted to provide for her and they began the long process of bringing and placing nesting materials to the home. They now are ready to start their family and she sits in the opening sometimes looking out and he presides over the abode on a branch. We can't wait to see the babies. God gave them a roof over their heads and they accepted it, LOVE it! Kerrie PS: While the first picture is blurry, it still shows the Blue Bird in the house.

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