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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Light Weight Camper

BLESSED EASTER EVERYONE! Tomorrow we are going down near Charleston to camp until Tuesday. We bought a camper and we have never had one before! We are just as excited as little kids. I think it will be very good for my husband to get away between treatments whenever we can for fishing and relaxing. When any one has cancer, it is very difficult not to think about it every living moment. Terminal cancer is really cruel. But any how we looked on line and checked out every kind of Camper, tear drop, pop up, Aliner, trucks with campers built right onto them etc. We chose a used Starcrest camper (2006) with 2 push out panels for sleeping. One is on the side and one is in the front. It is spotless, someone really took care of it. We were so amazed at how wonderful the people were at Camper World in working with our budget and for their concern for our safety. There were many bonuses attached also, like free camping. Look on line as many of the campers are shown in virtual tours. We can pull this light weight camper with our car so there was no added expense for a truck. If you are wanting to get away now that gas is expensive as well as groceries and everything else, look into getting a camper. You will spend less money than for motels or places at the beach. State Parks near the ocean are wonderful and so much less money to camp. Bye for now and HAPPY EASTER!

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Katney said...

You should see ours--well, since you looked at teardrops maybe you have seen one of its siblings. We have a Little Guy that is only big enough for a bed inside and a galley on the back. We can pull it with our PT Cruiser. We are headed out next weekend for the first trip of the season. (Here in the Northwest, we don't camp in winter.--at least reasonable people don't.