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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sure and this is me brother dancin' the jig! Top of the Mornin' to ye! I love St. Patrick's Day and all Irish History. My father was Irish and my husbands Mother was Irish. My father taught my brother and me every Irish song he knew and how to play them on a harmonica. We loved singing and needed little prodding to sing our little hearts out. I love the Irish Dancing as well and never miss a chance to see the Michael Flatly Lord of the Dance performances. Of course if I moved like they do, I would need an ambulance! Irish music is eerie sometimes and of another world apart. I play the violin and it is a comfort to me. My father chose the instrument for me and I was first violinist in the High School Orchestra Performances. My Dad used to say words like Bejabers, Faith and Begora and Macooshla (sp) and so did his two sisters. It was fun growing up with many ethnic groups from all the old countries. Some people don't even know from where they have descended. My brother specializes in family trees and local history of Cayuga County and Auburn, NY. Check out his site at http://ohearnshistories.com/ and you won't be disapointed! "Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling................" (My Very Favorite!)

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