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Saturday, March 21, 2009


AAH! Tis Spring, Tis Spring!! The time of year when I put out flowers too soon and they get frost bitten or die. The time of year that we weed, seed, water and soak in a tub to cure the back aches we get! Where to plant this or where to plant that when all the time sweet William is wishing we could just cement the whole yard - ha! None-the-less, he made a really green bird feeder from a small thin branch pruned from the trees. He cut out holes with the1 1/4" Forester (sp) saw making a hole or 2 on each side. Next he put little dowels on each hole for a perch and filled the holes with a mixture of peanut butter stirred with birdseed. He hung it from a wire near our front window and the birds just love it! And it is all good for the environment. I have also posted below the directions for Spring mulching courteous of Wikihow. In 2 days my birthday will arrive making me dangerously close to real old age - ha! Everything else is going well right now. More crafts to come.......

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