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Monday, March 2, 2009


ANTICIPATING THE COMING UP OF ST. PATRICK'S DAY reminded me of my mother's collection of tea cups and saucers. She only had one cup and saucer with shamrocks on it that was given to her by her best friend of many years. The friend's name was Genevieve. She remembered my Mom for every occasion through the years with gifts of cups and saucers. My Mom gave them to me when I still lived in our home town many years ago. Genevieve was a co-worker and was talented in so many ways. She made the most beautiful craft items even though she was blind in one eye. She was a loving Christian and was a great comfort to me many years ago when my first 2 children died only a few days old. I still have little prayer cards she sent to me and a pin that is a guitar that she bought in Spain for me. I still play my guitar a little and I am happy for myself and my mother that she had such a wonderful friend.

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