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Monday, March 2, 2009

Memory Box Frame

Making a Framed Memory Box is really quite simple and very rewarding! Buy the size frame you want to put your memory items in and make sure it is deep enough to allow the items you choose. Use a piece of black felt for your background and glue or use 2-way tape to place your items trying different layouts until you are satisfied with the way it looks. Heavier items can simply be placed in the bottom of the frame e.g. eye glasses, scissors, a pipe, etc. The ones that I have made depict our parents with the things they loved to do placed inside the box. A sample of their writing on a card is nice as well as bits and pieces of material, buttons, lures, you get the idea. My Mom was a fancy stitcher in a shoe factory all of her life. She also went back to teach young people up until she was79 yrs. old. My husband's parents are featured with some of her sewing things and his father's fishing lures. I made this one for my husband for Christmas. I am sure with a little imagination with your own special touch and memories, you will create a wonderful display for yourself, children or grandchildren. If you need any help with your project, e-mail me.

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