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Monday, January 26, 2009

Crocheted Dish Cloths

These are cotton hand-crocheted dish cloths that I made for Christmas gifts and any time gifts. I put 3 in a bundle, tie a ribbon around them and add my own little tag. Materials: cotton crochet thread and #H crochet needle.

Pattern: 1. Chain 26 ch, *turn and half double crochet in the second loop from the hook hf dbl crochet across the 24 remaining stitches. Turn, chain 2, hf dbl crochet in each chain stitch to the end of row 1.* (a half double crochet is when you put the thread around your needle once and then draw through first 1 chain and Yarn over, then draw through the last 3 stitches on your needle together. Repeat from * to * until you have 13 rows. Clip yarn leaving a tail to weave back through the corner of your dish cloth. I find that variegated cotton yarn works really well for colorful cloths, but I also like the pastels and white for variation. Seasonal colors can be chosen, too. I tied some with Raffia and others with ribbon. I made nearly 100 this past season. They can be used for house warming, office gifts, anytime gifts and don't forget to make some for yourself. It makes washing dishes a cheerful job! Add them to gift Baskets!

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