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Friday, June 20, 2014

I am a furniture re-arranging Addict...

Do any of you share my addiction for changing the furniture around?  My friends always say, "again??"  But I am finally at an age where I feel comfortable arranging things that are most comfortable for me when walking and working around the house.  One of my pet peeves is having to walk around the dining table to get to the kitchen-ha!  So I took it away from the center of the room.  I also like furniture on angles as you will see :)  I am hopeless-ha!  I would never ever merit Home and Garden magazine-ha!

Looking toward the kitchen doorway.  The little corner to the left did have my school desk there but that is in the opposite corner now.
Since the dining area doubles as my computer room, I also put my desk on an angle and can see out the dining room window.  It is a nice bright area.

Looking toward the dining window and a close up below of the corner with the school desk now.

I love my vintage school desk that my hubby Bill bought for me in Bennington, Vermont on one of our many visits there.  I also love the print of the children over it.

The plant to the left of the desk is my Tai plant that I have had for 55 yrs.  My hubby bought the waxed root for me at the New York State Fair when we were dating and though it has been broken off and thought dead several times, it always comes back more beautiful.  The pot however is in bad need of replacement-LOL!  Pardon the tape-ha!

The kitchen is still needing attention to rid more nick~nacks and storage on the cart but I am working on it!  changed the round table with the dining room table, which fits better in the kitchen.  And also took the China Closet out of the dining corner and into the kitchen one.  There are lots of nooks and crannies in my house, but I love it!  I am going to paint the kitchen paneling yellow since I was so successful painting the living room with paint that has primer in it :)

The China closet may also end up being on an angle in the corner, too.

Thanks so much for visiting me today.  I would love to hear from you in comments.  Come back soon!
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Betty said...

Kerrie...I know you haven't posted in a while, but I hope you see this because I believe someone has hacked into your E-mail. I received two suspicious E-mails that said they were from you with a link to click on. G-mail intercepted both of them and added a warning. I deleted them, but the same E-mails were copied to a bunch of other names...probably names in your address book. Just wanted to let you know. Betty