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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Accident but I am okay now

Hi there my dear friends!  Sorry that I have not been posting but I fell down my cellar stairs backwards when letting the dog out the back door.  Long story but I sustained a concussion and bleeding in my brain after hitting a large pipe on the ceiling of the cellar when I was falling.  I crawled up the steps unable to focus my eyes and vomiting and from my medical training, knew I was in big trouble.  Bleeding profusely, I walked next door holding a kitchen towel on my head and my neighbor took me to the ER.  I had 8 Staples in my wound that was cut to the bone and then transported to Upstate Medical Ctr. with the brain injury not knowing if I would have to have surgery.  After 2 more CT scans there of my head, it was determined that the bleeding in my brain had stopped and that it would dissipate of its own accord.

No one could believe I did not lose consciousness and walked next door for help.  I know that God was with me from the moment I fell and that because my neighbor and I prayed holding hands that I did not have to have surgery.  I could have broken my neck or bled to death.  God does answer prayers and you would not believe the blessings that have come to me because of that fall.

Our Lord is so good!  So I am taking it easy and healing slowly.  And I will be posting again soon.  Love you all who are my followers, you make my day!
One of my beautiful Peonies lining my driveway.  One of the blessings is that since I cannot get into much of anything physical at present, I have been playing my violin to get rid of the rustiness I was experiencing with it.  A few Irish tunes and I am back in the swing-ha!

Thanks for coming today, have a wonderful day!


Claudia said...

Oh Kerrie! My goodness, what a scare! Thank goodness you are going to recover. Take care, my friend. Don't rush back - take care of yourself.


FlowerLady Lorraine said...

Dear Kerrie ~ I am so thankful you are ok. You were spared that's for sure. God was with you and I pray you will continue to heal and grow stronger with each new day.

Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

Betty said...

My goodness...you are indeed very fortunate. I am so sorry to hear about your fall, but glad that you're on the mend. Take care!

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

Oh my God. I am so happy to hear that you are doing better and I will put you in my prayers.

magnoliasntea said...

Hi Kerrie, I'm really glad you were able to go for help to get to the ER. That is such a scary accident. I have cellar steps, too and have fallen before, but I caught managed to escape anything more than bruises. Be careful! Have a great day.