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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring is really here!

Ahhh!  Spring is really here!  Fluctuating temps from 70's to 37 and back up, Rain and Sun but Everything is greening up and my sun porch is warm enough to put my plants out again!  They have been wintering in an upstairs bedroom window .  I took the photos before they moved to the porch-ha!

This is a Lucky Bamboo Plant that was given to me after Bill's passing and I have had good luck with keeping this one so far.

This is a Christmas Cactus with others in the background.

This is a crown of Thorns plant that my Mom started for me many years ago.  It is over 3 feet tall now and has beautiful Red clusters of flowers.  It is said to be the thorns twisted into the crown of Jesus and the red blossoms are the drops of blood.  It has been wintering in my kitchen and not blossoming prolifically due to lack of sunshine.

This is a beautiful multiple planter that I received from my oldest daughter for my birthday in March.

This is another planter that was sent to me at Bill's passing by my Brother and his wife.  It has really grown. 
This is my favorite plant and will be 55 yrs. old this fall!!  it is a Tai plant from Hawaii that my husband bought for me at the NYS Fair when we were dating.  It was only a waxed little log when he bought it and it has flourished through the years despite being broken off several times when the kids were little.  It always comes back strong and survived moving back to my home town after a week in a moving POD in the heat!
These are my violets that I started from leaves after buying the first one.  

I am thrilled to find wild violets in my yard here, Snow drops, Tulips and Tiger Lilies!  I love plants and flowers, can you tell? Ha!  Right now it is snowing out but I know it will not last....famous last words!

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pretty nice blog, following :)

Anonymous said...

pretty nice blog, following :)