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Friday, December 13, 2013

The Blessed Season of Christmas...

Now that I am living in my old home town in Central New York State, I get to enjoy the snow for the Christmas season and I am loving it.  My little tree is trimmed and many ornaments that we made in the past are all around the house.
This is the creche that I had sewn many years ago.  I bought the printed fabric, cut out, sewed and stuffed and embelished the figures. The "stable" had to cut and covered from cardboard and I loved the way it came out.  Now it would not be Christmas without it!

So many of the decorative figures were made by my husband and me.  I miss his creativeness, and his love of woodworking. 

This is one of my favorite Santa's that we created. 
 It was a face I had been drawing since my childhood.  I made the beard longer and stylized in my drawing and then my hubby cut the wood out using the Intarsia method of cutting all the pieces out, then beveling the edges.  Then they were glued onto a back board one by one until they were Santa again.  He is hanging on the dining room wall  and measures approx. 8" x 13".
The bookcase shelves are filled with Santa's also.
I love looking at them and so do visitors.

This one was cut out and all the features were painted on.
As a child, we went to bed right after supper on Christmas Eve.  Then Dad would call us back downstairs saying Santa had come and left presents!
When we came down, there would be presents under the real tree and Dad would be standing by the front door ringing a little bell behind his back.  This was the sound of Santa's sleigh leaving and we had just missed him.  There were even sleigh tracks in the snow.   Delightful!  I have always loved opening presents on Christmas eve.  I love singing the old familiar Carols.
This vintage songbook for piano is one of my treasures!  And this Santa was made from an Intarsia pattern that my hubby bought and made.  I painted the pieces.  I have so many favorites!
This is a Victorian Santa that Bill created and he swivels on his base.
And this is my homegrown gourd Santa that I grew, dried and painted complete with stem to form his hat-ha! He has beads on his bottom so he will stand upright.
Thank you so much for coming and letting me share my treasures with you.  If you have time, please visit my other blogs that are listed in the side bar.
Today I am linking to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound where you can go and see what others are doing to decorate for Christmas.
                    My heart to yours...

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Shirley said...

Hi Kerrie, I am enjoying the decorations of others. Your Santa collection is unique with all of the memories. Our snow that we had is melting, but we have had some drizzle and a little rain. With the temperature so close to freezing, it makes you wonder what next. Have a wonderful day. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.