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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Sofian Raegan Town came into our lives on January 28th, 2013.  Right from the git-go, she enriched all of the family's lives!  Her parents are the best young parents I have ever seen and you can tell by Sofiah's beautiful face.  She is such a blessing to me after losing my sweet hubby in Jan. 2012.  For every life lost, a new birth happens...  God is good and I am so blessed!  My first Great Granddaughter, Sofiah, I love you!!
 She was a joy from the moment she was born.
First time Mommy, Jessica with Sofiah

First time Grandma, Barbie, who is my baby :)
Am I not beautiful?

 Beautiful Sofiah is a natural for Grandma Barbie's camera!

 She is so strong and determined. 
My cousin crocheted this sweet hat for Sofiah, love it!

I hope you enjoyed my share today and I hope you are blessed with children and grand babies in your lives.  They are such a blessing from God!
Playing with Daddy.

My heart to yours...

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