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Friday, April 12, 2013

All around the yard again....

Ain't Spring grand?
The Azalea bushes are at peak and you can see them looking across everyone's backyard!

The reflection of the Azaleas across the lake is just gorgeous to see every morning when I raise my blinds in the den!

My Beautiful cement leaf that Bill made for me a few years ago, by pressing Elephant Ear leaves into the mix.  I love it.  I have several.

Dandelions are a definite sign of spring, don't ya think?  Although, I have seen one or two pop up through the winter months, too.

 Dogwood tree in blossom.  And my front door with the Easter Bonnet I made for Spring...

I love looking down the length of the little lake. 2 swans are at the very end of the water in background.
The shamrocks are growing and blossoming everywhere!  I never realized how easy they are to grow and the are perennial.

The nuthatch couple made it to the little birdhouse this year before the Bluebirds.  I feel sorry for them as they had to fight to keep their squatter's rights!  And the squirrel keeps badgering them, too.  But I am glad they persevered and are in residence!

 I love my pedestal planter in front of the house under the double windows.  The Vinca vine is prolific and comes up all year.  I love the Blue blossoms!  I added a Petunia plant and Marigold to the mix.
The shamrock plant sitting on the hose house with a pinwheel spinning in the breeze.

My side yard on the North has a lovely view of the Wisteria vine and Azalea bush across the water.

Kalanchoe  plant that wintered over on my back deck.  I never realized how hearty they were!  Thank you for coming to visit TWO HAPPY!  Please leave a comment, it is easy to do and if you have time, please visit my other blogs listed in the sidebar :)
My heart to yours...


Mari said...

Ohhh wow your yard is just beautiful, for me the spring is a happy time for the flowers to bloom ;)


Amy said...

I haven't been around blogland very much the last few months. I'm sorry to hear of your loss, and will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Your place looks beautiful....spring hasn't arrived to Michigan yet, but I thinks it's right around the corner.