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Saturday, August 18, 2012


Goodness, time surely slipped away!  I have been so busy that I have not posted in weeks!  I have been working a lot and also had a very pleasant visit to my son and family in Auburn, NY.  
Here is my son Dan and his sister Barbara having lunch at the Zoo.
And here is my lovely daughter-in-law with granddaughter Sarah.  Sarah is docent at the Seward House in Auburn NY and is a Junior at Keuka College.

And this is granddaughter Kelsey who just graduated from Keuka College Magna Cum Laude.  Am I proud or what!

I really dislike the plastic Flamingos that people put in their flower beds but real live Flamingos are gorgeous like this one I photographed at the zoo.

And of course these monkeys were my favorite at the zoo.

We had a few great days with family that ended too soon and it was a long trip--856miles one way.  I drove straight through going up but stayed over on the way back.  I won't try that any time soon -LOL!

Thank you for visiting and come again.  I hope to get back on track with my posting.  My grief of losing my Sweet Bill is at a manageable point at present and the trip home was good for my grief healing.  I faithfully write in my journal and the pain is easing a little.  And last but NOT least, I am going to be a GREAT grandmother in January 2013 !!  I am so excited.  For every death, there is a new life and I find it comforting that the due date for this happy birth is only 2 days after the first Anniversary of losing my hubby.  He too, would be so excited and I am sure he will be watching over this new little one :))

My heart to yours...

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