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Friday, May 4, 2012


I am bragging today, indulge me-LOL!  My son posted this on facebook this morning and I am so puffed up with pride.  Please click the link for Keuka College (it is in NYS) to see my two Granddaughters nominations and bio's.  Wish my hubby was here to share the joy with all of us!


This was a pic of Sarah's Graduation from High School 2 yrs ago, she is now a sophomore at Keuka.  Her sister Kelsey is giving her a hug.  It was Kelsey's first year at Keuka.  Kelsey graduates from college this spring and Sarah has 2 more years.

Kelsey has been amazing us since Age 4 when she taught herself to read and picked out computer things for her Dad to buy-ha!  She and Sarah are avid readers.  Kelsey won a Kennedy Center award last year for her stage work in a play at the college.  She is also published in the local Newspaper and at the college.

This is Sarah, a couple of years ago.  She plays violin, piano and guitar.   Sarah also loves the stage and you can read in her bio how she re-wrote a tour for the William H. Seward House in Auburn, NY as their child, Fanny combining her acting ability with her writing to give tours.

There is no telling where these two will go but their sense of community and improving the world will certainly be a factor in their development and a boon to many.

Both girls are English majors.

Yup!  Proud Grandma Kerrie

Kudos to Mom and Dad, Laura and Dan Marquart for raising these wonderful girls!
My heart to yours...

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Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

Hello Kerrie, You are blessed! These two lovely ladies are so sweet and I am sure will continue to accomplish much! Happy for you,