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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Warmth of a kitchen...

My Kitchen has always been the heart warming part of my home.  I love cooking when family or friends are here, listening to their conversation and laughter as I prepare food.  When I moved from the north to South Carolina, I was anxious to Southernize my home.  I bought this sweet little towel 22 yrs. ago and still have and use it.

Yellow squash and Zucchini sauteed for supper last night and my homey little towel in use.

When not in use, I hang it sometimes on the oven door, just so I can see it whenever I come into the room.

When the leaves began to turn and cooler nights came and were welcome, I bought this little throw rug for my sink standing with apples on it.  I love apples!

And of course I had to pick a few little yellow Mums and Zinnia to brighten the counter.
And I spruced up my handmade gored fabric pumpkins with gold wire ribbon in a leaf print.  My Daughter and her Fiancee came over to visit last evening and she told me how pretty the table looked.  Ahhh, warm fuzzies☺
I would love to see your decorations for fall, ya'll!  I also will list two of my fabric pumpkins on my Etsy Shop today and also some baskets my husband had made.  Thanks so much for visiting.
My heart to yours...


Ginny said...

Well, now you need to show your table so we can see it! Your fabric pumpkins are just GORGEOUS, Kerrie!!! I LOVE them!!! I need to get with it and post me fall decorations, I had forgotten to do a post on them this month.

Leann said...

Your home IS very homey. Can't believe that you have the towel. Mine seem to get scorched or stained very quickly.

Enjoy the fall!