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Monday, October 17, 2011

Signs of Autumn

DON'T YOU JUST LOVE FALL, YA'LL??  The Robins have been traveling through all weekend again coming back from the Northern States.  Some stay here in SC all year and others prefer more Southern temps like Florida. 

On our walk around the block last week, I picked up some beautiful fall leaves, Post Oak and Bradford Pear leaves.

  They made a lovely bed to set my wooden figures of the good witch and Pooky's Grandma in her pumpkin costume.  My husband made wood cut-outs of my drawings and then I painted them.  I have had the good witch with her cat and pumpkin for many years now and have made and sold many of them in the past.  Pooky's Grandma is my original cartoon character that you have probably seen in my side bars.  Bill surprised me with her last fall and brought her to life in wood.  I just love her.

The Post Oak leaves are very pretty with their rounded leaves.  The longest one in the picture is 6 inches long!  I have also spray-painted them gold in the past and they look wonderful on a mantle or tablescape.  Post Oaks are southern oaks growing in dry sandy soil.

The Bradford Pear leaves will come in Deep Reds, oranges and yellow as they fall from the trees in our backyard.  They are wonderful shade trees and have beautiful white blossoms every spring.

Come Back and see me again!

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Leann said...

Morning Kerrie

I have never brought the leaves from our pear tree in the house - great idea. Love the look of the real leaves with your centerpiece.

Enjoy your day!