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Monday, September 5, 2011

Finished the new Valances in BDRM

HI ALL!  We finished painting the bedroom blue and the closet doors and trim white.
I love it as it is so soft and peaceful...  I made the new valances of blue printed on white tulle.  It looks so good and we are not hanging curtains, just using the wood slat blinds.  It makes the room look even bigger.  My camera has given everything a yellow hue and I could not alter it in my photo program.  The walls are a very pale sky blue.  We hung our oil paintings of the lighthouse on either side of the bed. Now I need to finish my blue and white pinwheel quilt and I will be done, love it.
This Tulle is water and soil resistant and is soft yet substantial
Love it!

This is the other single window.

Yrs. ago I bought this lamp.
Then I bought his one and painted
it to match the other somewhat.
I hope you liked the pictures even if I couldn't get the wonderful blue colors to show correctly.  If you have time, please visit my other blog sites by clicking on them in the sidebar.  Thanks for coming today!

This is our favorite campground, Willow Tree in SC.  Hopefully we will be able to camp the end of Sept. as we have asked for time off treatment for the last two weeks in Sept. for hubby.



Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

It looks pretty with the yellow hue, but I'm sure the blue is very nice too. YIKES...I need to get some things done around this place! Thanks for the inspiration.

Ginny said...

Your bedroom is just DREAMY, pun intended! I love the subtle pale blue. It does look a bit like very pale aqua in one picture, or maybe a robin's egg blue. And the effect of the valance and blinds is delightful, an airy feel of not being closed in. But your last picture, WOW it is wonderful!!!! You need to have it in the bedroom, or put it in a frame somewhere where people can see it.