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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Beta Fish and Camping...

Hello Dear Bloggers! And Happy Wednesday to you all!  We will finally get to go camping for 3 days next week!  We are so looking forward to it!  The beautiful picture of our favorite campground, Willow Tree, Longs, SC is on our counter in the kitchen and was taken on one of our stays there. 
   Hubby has really had a rough time of it with the Multiple Myeloma causing diminished kidney function and we were afraid dialysis was very near but to our surprise, after 2 wks on a Kidney Failure diet and many prayers, it has improved 10%!  God is so good and all the prayers going up for him are being answered.  So next week he is off of treatment for the MM and we get to go camping.

This is "Pooshy" our daughter's Beta fish and we are fish sitting for it while our dau. is away for a few days camping.  When she was a little girl learning to talk, this is how "fishy" came out as "pooshy".  Hence the name-ha!  It is really very beautiful.

I have always loved Beta fish for their beauty and for their

cleanliness.  The bowl only needs a change of water twice a month and the water remains perfectly clear for that long.  They also only get fed every few days so they are very low maintenance!

When purchasing these beautiful creatures, you have no idea how old they are though and you may not have them for very long.  But I have had them in the past and they have survived a year or more.  They may even live 3-5 yrs. in captivity.  They originated in the rice Paddie of Thailand and were called Chinese Fighting Fish.  They live in fresh water.  Because they are territorial, you cannot have more than one in a bowl as they will fight.  You will know you have a male if occasionally you find many bubbles floating at the top of the bowl.  If he were to have a female this would be used to protect the eggs she lays and then he would shoo her away and guard them because she would eat them from hunger.  For more information, go to Wikipedia.  They come in beautiful colors from this pinkish color to deep blue and purple.  Their fins are magnificent and like angels wings or fairy wings...   They like interaction of taps on the glass of the bowl and they will follow your finger up and down.  When they feel threatened, they flare their gills to make them look bigger and foreboding-ha! I think I have talked myself into getting a new one for myself! 

   If you visit my Christian blog, Kerrie's Home Journal, there is a fish bowl in the sidebar (scroll down on the right hand side) that is interactive so you can feed the fish, try it, it is fun, especially for children and grandchildren to watch.

Thanks so much for visiting today and do come again soon!

My heart to yours...


Ginny said...

I am so glad you are making the most of treatment time off!!! I hope you have fun! I love your pictures and story of the Beta fish!! They used to have one on the reception desk at the hospital, and I just loved staring at them, I could look for hours. So now I know even more. You truly have almost talked me into getting one!!!

Donna said...

Oh Kerrie, I'm so so happy that you and hubby get to go camping and that he is feeling better!

We also have a beta and ours have always lived a very long time, though we feed ours twice a day, just a teeny tiny bit. They are so attentive to their owners and will follow you around the room as best they can in their little bowl.

Our family has always owned a beta. I do hope the kids feed him while I'm gone! LOL!