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Sunday, August 21, 2011



Sweet William is 72 yrs. young today!  There is nothing that I can say that would describe how much I love him!  Despite 6 1/2 yrs. of fighting a terminal cancer, he still smiles every day for me and makes me laugh!  I pray we have many more Birthdays together.  God is so good and we treasure every day.  Thanks for celebrating with us!
Isabella is so excited but you cannot tell as this is how she looks for all her moods, ha!

What?  I heard there was a birthday celebration, can I have a peanut, please?

Now can I have a peanut??
Yes this is my Bad Boy trimming trees this summer like he is NOT supposed to do (climbing ladders) but he has to feel he is being production in some way so I don't scold too much...
Camping 2009 with our oldest daughter and family.  Camping and Fishing are his favorite things to do!

A Bass caught in our own backyard lake this last spring.
Camping last fall at Bass Lake, SC

May God Bless You Bill with many more Birthdays.

"Another year, a little while
A laugh, a tear, a frown, a smile
And life's worth while
because of you...."

(Written by my Dad to me in High School--I am borrowing it today because that is how I feel about my Bill.)

Thank you for celebrating Bill's Birthday with me!! Hugs


Ginny said...

What a wonderful birthday post you have created for Bill!!! Is that squirrel on your door, yikes! I love your hands picture!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BILL, you are the same age as my Phil!!

Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Happy Birthday Bill and may you have many more!

One pair of Hands said...

Happy Birthday Bill and Many Happy Returns.
Kerrie your love and happiness together is inspirational.