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Friday, June 10, 2011


It's Pink Saturday again already!!  I have walked around the yard many times this week snapping pics of anything PINK!!  Visit the host, lovely Beverly @ HOW SWEET THE SOUND to see all of this weeks lovely participants and visit their sites!!
The buds are so big and so pretty!

Pink Parasol Mandevilla is climbing the lattice  nicely already, I just love it!  Thanks friends! (Sally and John)

And the Crown of
Thorns plant is just "chuck full" of blossoms! This is an amazing plant that blooms all year long, never ceasing. I take it inside for the winter and it never stops giving of its beautiful blooms. It is about 3 foot tall.  It is so named as to represent Christ's crown of thorns and the blossoms are the drops of blood He shed.
When we visited Huntington Beach State Park we saw this beautiful Pink Striped Beach umbrella.
This is my deep pink/red Gladiola plant.

This Lantana Plant has both pink and orange blossoms on the same bush!

If I could be a Pink "Something"
I would be a tiny Sunset cloud
Floating above the earth below
Just singing praises right out loud!
Thanking God for all I have
Thanking nature for all it gives
Thanking every tiny bird
That gives so much without a word
But only a song from it's heart.

©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

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My heart to yours...


~Shabby~Prim~Delights~ said...

Your flowers are gorgeous.

LV said...

Your walk outside found plenty of pretty pinks. You have a very nice yard.

Ginny said...

Love the poem, and that pale pink petunia. We don't see many petunias that color. I have never seen a crown of thorns plant! So pretty!!

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Kerrie,

I love all of your flowers!
Hope you are doing ok and staying cool in this heat we've been having. I think it's supposed to drop back to the 80's next week. {I'm hoping}.

Pink Sparkles for your days,
Stephanie ♥

Bren said...

love your gladiolas... i have a mandevilla on my patio too. We had thoughts of driving down to Huntington Beach today. New to your blog. take care.

Bren said...

nice blog... i too have a mandevilla i love. Nice gladiolas!! We are lovers of Huntington Beach too.

Melissa F said...

I've really enjoyed looking around on your blog. It's very well done!

Cat & Cricket said...

Your photos are beautiful!
You should join Sand and Sea...
Happy belated PS!
gypsea nurse