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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I was finally able to identify these migrating ducks!!  They are Ring-necked Ducks!  They winter in our area and they frequent fresh water lakes.  They are amazingly beautiful but very leery of man and I could not approach them to get better pictures as they are on the move on the water constantly and swim away as soon as they see me-ha! 

Though the picture is blurry, it still shows all the identifying marks: white stripe on the bill, "bib" and solid black head and upper back.  They are a joy to see.
   Today however, it is kind of blah out, 40 degrees and overcast.  Still the back yard is alive with all the birds and squirrel activity. 
   I am so longing to see less of brown grass and bare tree branches....but I am thankful that we are not knee deep in snow like our family and friends back in NYS-ha!
Come again soon and have a super day!!

Raking the leaves in the 40's in Auburn NY and raking leaves in SC New Year's Day.  I love raking leaves-ha!
My heart to yours....


Ginny said...

So glad you finally identified them!!! Wow, those yellow eyes! Or is it a reflection? I love the picture of you as a young rake, ha ha!! And the same pose in the present, that is very cool! And something else, I love those sweet Victorian pictures you give us at the end of your posts, an extra added gift.

Donna said...

Oh how sweet Kerri! I love that photo of you as a little girl raking and the present day one too. :o)