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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Remember these lights?

These Boiling liquid lights were very popular when I was growing up in the 40's.  We had them on our Christmas trees every year.  Once the light got warm, the liquid inside began to bubble and it was very beautiful.  Mine is a night light made just like the old ornament lights.  To see a video, go to my face book page as the video did not work on this blog.  Does any one have tips for me?
I love remembering the trees of childhood!

Written at Christmas 1994 for my Brother Joe
     by Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

O' Christmas tree, o Christmas Tree
How lovely are they branches...
Many a time we pulled the sled
And bought a tree tagged in red
For a price that Mama wouldn't dread.

And pulling home our prize,
We dreamed of presents, a big surprise
That might lay beneath the branches
Right before our eyes!

The warmth of the little burner
Spread the branches reaching down
And we weighted them with tinsel,
Colored balls and garland.

After all the ornaments were in place
And the last icicle was hung,
We admired our good work
And sang until the last Carol we knew was sung.

Ginger Jells and chocolate cake from the bakery shop
Were brought by the Aunts who always stopped.
Ribbon candy and nuts in the shell
And Daddy ringing that little bell
As he opened the door and tales of,
"You just missed Santa!" he'd tell.

Rich or poor, old or young,
We still sing 'til the last Carol is sung.
And the Christmas lights will forever be
In the little house on Logan Street
Where dreams began and are now complete.

Merry Christmas to you brother.

What are your special memories? 
Please share them with other bloggers and me.
For sharing brings us all together as one,
While we celebrate the Father's Holy Son!
Merry Christmas and Love to you all...

My heart to yours...



Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Kerrie Sweetie...
Oh I love these bubble lights. I have a snowman one like this, that I keep in the kitchen, and another Christmas bubble light in the dining room. Oh they are so much fun. I went to the thrift store this past week, and I found a bag for 3.99 and it was also half price, and it had 4 strings, yes 4 strings of bubble lights. My DH, Tony was so stinkin happy. He did the happy dance all the way to the garage with his treasure. They always had them on the tree when he was a child, and he so loves these bubble lights.

Stop on over sweetie. Our minds are on the same wave length tonight. I too wrote about a Christmas memory. I love you sweetie. Give my Bill a BIG old hug and kiss and tell him Merry Christmas from the desert rat.

All my love sweetie, Sherry

Doris Sturm said...

I have never heard of those lights - boiling liquid! sounds dangerous to me, but I suppose not more dangerous than real candles clipped to the tree, like we had when I was growing up in Germany.

We exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve...we also never got our tree up till the 24th during the day - decorating the tree was something my dad and I (only) shared and it was always lots of fun. He always let a few trees grow when trimming the big hedge so that he could pick the perfect one for Christmas.

Other than the pretty glass blown ornaments, there were always edibles on there, chocolates, marzipan, fondant (it's too cold for a bug problem) and after the big dinner on Christmas Eve, the candles on the tree would be lit and we all stood around the tree singing a few Christmas songs...and then we exchanged gifts. I loved being able to sleep with my new teddy or dolly on Christmas eve...
(that's some of how it was when I lived in Germany.)

Ginny said...

What a delightful poem that says all your wonderful childhood memories of Christmas! Yes, I remember the bubble lights! But wherever did you get the nightlite? Surely it is old? I didn't think they sold these lights anymore, I wonder why, they were so pretty! Sadly, I do not have any childhood Christmas memories. My family did not celebrate Christmas, which the other kids didn't understand and caused great angst for me. My first christmas tree was the first year I was married.

Donna said...

Kerrie...You have to go to the original blogger template (not Blogger in design) and it will allow you to upload videos directly to your post. I can't remember how to do it..I always have to dig.

Or you can start a youtube account and it will let you browse and upload your photo to youtube. Then you copy and paste the embed code into blogger. You just paste it where you want the video to show up. It incorporates the .html code into the post. It doesn't show when you first paste it. You just see a bunch of .html gibberish. But if you click on the PREVIEW button, you will see that it read the code and made a youtube window with your video.

You just have to work with youtube to figure it out. I learned through trial and error.