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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Decor...

Oh I do love Christmas decorations!  I know of people who leave them out year round!  There are just a few that my hubby has made that I would like to leave out for the whole year like this Intarsia Candle.  I just love it.  He cut out all the pieces, glued them back together after sanding the edge of all pieces to bevel them and mount on a backing.  Then I painted it.  It just makes me feel happy to look at it.

 And behind him in the picture is the pattern we made for the fisherman Santa.  I love him, also.  Since we both are fishermen, I just love the way he came out and I used the vest that my daughter gave my hubby a few years ago as the reference-ha!

The Mute Swans visited today and you can see them on my Kerrie's Korner, SC site.

Okay, we are down to the wire for Christmas Day!  I still have one gift to get and we will celebrate Christmas Eve here with 2 daughters, 1 husband and 2 grandchildren!  On Christmas Day we will celebrate at my eldest daughter's house with her in-laws and 2 granddaughters and our only Grandson.  We love going there as it is so homey and warm.  She also has a fireplace which I miss tremendously in this house.  I would love to have a small one here...maybe one day :^)
   And never forget the reason for the season is the Birth of our Lord, Jesus.  To read more about the Christmas Story, please visit Kerrie's Home Journal.  It is interesting to see what happened to the Holy Family after the birth...

   There are so many wonderful crafts that I would love to make.  I found one today at http://debrascreativeramblings.blogspot.com/ .  Debra has a tutorial to make little Lace Angel ornaments or pins or gift tie.  They are precious and very easy to make!  Check it out.  Look for the 12-4-09 post date.
Thank you so much for visiting as always and come again soon!

   My heart to yours...


Ginny said...

My favorite is the candle, shining it's light on everything! What a wonderful and blessed Christmas you will have. Many blessings to you and your family, my new friend!!

Donna said...

How pretty Kerrie! I adore those lace Christmas angels. We like to fish too...but the teens' activites have limited our fishing trips...for the moment.