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Monday, September 6, 2010

Painted Beach Glass and Izzy

At last, I finished the piece of beach glass from Owasco Lake, NY!  I had to repaint it for the reason given in last post. 
I used my copper tape to frame the sharp edges and then painted in reverse on the backside to show through.  This version is a little different than the last and I tried to give a suggestion of the houses on the opposite shore.  It is such a beautiful spot and I am sure my young friend who found the glass for me will be pleased.  I plan to put a chain or wire on it so that he can use it to hang in his window.  It will always be a fond memory of spending time at the lake with wonderful friends. 
Isabella the Ragdoll rules the house and last night she was no exception as she lay on the den floor in all her glory!  We just love watching her antics.  She never used to lie upside down like this and now does it all the time.  Such trust!  She is a hoot and provides us with a lot of entertainment.

Just chillin!

This is a picture of our cozy little den/computer room in the back of the house.  A few years ago, Hubby and I put up the tongue and groove pine paneling and also put it on the ceiling.  It gives the room a cozy, kind of cabin effect and we love it.  This is Isabella's main domain.  She has sharpened her claws on the little loveseat (UGH!) and stuffing is coming out.  I keep a sheet and also a runner of soft velour on it for her as that is where she sleeps at night.  So nothing fancy, ha!  Just a neat place to hang out. I crochet and do my crafting out here.  And at the other side of the room I have my daughter's work computer and my blogging one side by side.  I have a tall craft cupboard and not seen in this picture, also hubby's recliner. 
     Granddaughter Jessica just put a lovely handmade beaded greeting card on her new Etsy shop and she is adding new things all the time.  Thanks to you all who have visited to see her items and do visit again.  Link is http://etsy.com/shop/creationsofjessica and of course you are always welcome at my shop, too!!  Ha!  http://etsy.com/shop/ohearn67  THANKS!

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