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Saturday, September 11, 2010


Dear Hearts, Remembering 911 and still feeling the chill of that awful day!  I pray that we never see the like of this again!  Please see my tribute on my Kerrie's Korner SC site and God Bless ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE LOST LOVED ONES.
   On a happier note, we are camping in Mt. Pleasant, SC and meeting old friends for the men's naval reunion as his guests.  We had not seen two of the men since high school!  They both joined the navy with my brother all those years ago and it was great fun finally seeing them last night!  We DID recognize each other!  It is very hot here and the camper has A/C but the sleeping areas are canvas and still hot.  Mercifully, it cools down to low 70's at night.   We are still enjoying it though and went for a hike in the woods this morning, then a dip in the pool.  Hubby is resting until we need to get ready for the reunion tonight.  He is amazing!  I am using my laptop and do not have my pictures stored on here so no photos today but there are some you may not have seen on my other two blogs, links in sidebar.  GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU ON THIS SPECIAL REMEMBERANCE DAY and visit How Sweet the Sound, Beverly's site for all the other participants of Remembering 911.

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