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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Subject of Cursing and foul language

Good Tuesday Morn to you!  I want to share a site with you that I found very thought provoking.  A Boy and His God http://aboyandhisgod.blogspot.com/ The writer had visited my site and left a positive comment so I visited his site.  It was very good reading (Aug. 1 post) and as a Christian, I found it really helpful for all the questions that we have and the vernacular of today's youth as well as seniors.  We know two couples whom we are very fond of and their constant cursing is very offensive to us.  They both know this but it does not stop them from using foul language in front of us.  We also find it offensive when we see so much foul language on Face Book.  Why am I on there then?  I love keeping in contact with friends and family but in the process we get to see what they say to one another which is just short of X-rated at times.  It is most distressing to see what the young people are writing and that Face Book allows it!  I am sure their parents who are not on FB do not know what their sons and daughters are saying publicly.  Does any of this concern other grandparents and parents out there?? 
    Aside from that, all God's beauty is out there for all of us to enjoy and thank goodness for the Christian blogsites and friends who are uplifting and a reinforcement of our faith each day.  I would be interested to know how you feel.
Hubby celebrated his 71st Birthday on Saturday.  I thank God for every day with my sweet hubby.  Thank you for all of your prayers and concerns regarding his battle with Multiple Myeloma as I know that is what keeps us both going!
  No matter how tired he gets, he still walks a little every morning and works in the yard.  His cheerful smile is always there.

Thanks so much for visiting and come back soon!  ♥Kerrie

Just one of our daily visitors on the little lake, are we not blessed to have this in our own backyard? 


Doris Sturm said...

Yes, what a blessing it is to be surrounded by such beauty. I'm thankful for it every day, no matter how hot and sticky it gets. My eyes don't care about that and soak up all the pretty scenery just the same.

Happy Birthday to your dear husband. I keep him in my prayers. He seems like such a sweet person. Much blessings to you both,
Doris and Gizzy

p.s. I don't think we can stop the vulgar language because it's become such an acceptable way of speaking and now it's a habit that people simply don't even notice! That doesn't make it right, but that's how it is and all we can do is avoid the places where they talk this trash!

Terry said...

Oh what a blessing your post has been to me.
Yes cursing is offensive to me as well.
It is everywhere.Even the high office of President and Vice President seem to find it acceptable .Well it is not okay .
I have been shocked by a lot of the facebook comments.
For me it has been my parents that turned me off to cursing as a way of life,I did not grow up in a Christian enviorment so watching both my parents and listening to all their negative words has been heart breaking at times.
My husband and I live in a military community and it seems every other word is a curse word.
I have made a point over the years with family and friends,co-workers,etc..that anyone can be lazy and use profanity ,but God has given us the gift of vocabulary that spans way beyond expletives.
Thank you for allowing me to vent.
May God bless you and your husband as you continue to seek out the good .
May God bless you both with abundant joy,healing and hope this day and as you enjoy the weekend.
Thank you so much for this wonderful post !
Until Next Time
Happy Trails

ain't for city gals said...

Wishing the best for you and your husband...he sure looks like he is enjoying his birthday cake!...I think that is why I don't join FB...honestly just too much information some times...