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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Isabella, the Ragdoll Guardian

Isabella is our precious Ragdoll cat.  Cats are very sensitive to persons who have an illness and Isabella is no exception.  Hubby has not felt well at all these past two weeks back on chemotherapy and Isabella is his constant companion.  Hubby has to lie down a lot during the day and I give him a school bell to ring if he needs me (the sheer size of it and loudness comes from my sense of humor).  Isabella was so intrigued with the bell today and checked it all out, looking as if she were ready to ring it for him if need be.  Here are the candid pictures I took.

Isabella was adopted by us 4 years ago.  She was three at the time and came from an abusive home where the Mother cat would beat her up and did not want her near her new broods.  She was all full of snarls and ear mites.  She hid all the time for about the first 6 mos.  Then gradually, she warmed up to us and now will sit in Bill's lap and loves to be brushed.  She will even meow and lead you until you get the brush!  She is gorgeous with bright blue eyes.  Her coat has been trimmed for the summer as Ragdolls have a great abundance of long silky fur which unfortunately creates fur ball problems.  But we love her very much and she is one of the family.  She greets everyone at the door just like a dog would and also walks them to the door when they leave.  She loves children and will sit right down among them and their activities.  I am so glad I bought her and gave her this loving home.  She gives us hours of pleasure and entertainment!
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Rose Haven said...

What a cutie your Isabella is!

We have an Isabella, too - however she is a Mannequin in our Dining Room! I have her all "fancied up".

Thanks for visiting!!


Doris Sturm said...

What cozy pictures of your husband and Isabella on the bed together. She's such a beautiful feline! So elegant.

Your hubby looks a bit down - I will continue remembering him (and you) in my prayers.

All the best,